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The aerospace industry has always introduced or spread cutting-edge technologies with concrete examples such as aircraft, space flight, the Internet, GPS navigation, and satellites. Synergies and strong partnerships are keys, and this is where DAIKIN offers its expertise in various chemical and materials fields to help the aerospace segment keep on innovating forward.


Historically fluoropolymers have been widely used in Aerospace field to improve reliability, safety durability, weight reduction and passenger comfort in aircraft. Because they offer amongst others, weatherability, low friction and chemical resistance fluoro materials are used for:

- Fuel lines and hoses
- O-rings, gaskets
- Electronic systems
- Anti-stain and antifouling surfaces
- Tapes, wires, and cables
- Exterior surface protection


Zero default composite parts

High-Temperature Release Film based on FEP and ETFE technology are widely used to meet the need for higher productivity and ease part release from the mold after autoclave. Daikin advances outstanding resistance to high-temperature process, up to 200゚C is to match with high-temperature vacuum-bagging needs.

Solutions for reliable and safe aircraft in every circumstance

FKM fluoroelastomer sealing answers the demanding performances required in high-temperature capabilities and excellent chemical resistance for extended periods of time, for Fuel Systems operating -60゚F and above.

Aircraft exteriors benefit from ZEFFLE to provide a durable and easy to clean protection against heat, UV, aggressive fuels, humidity, and vibrations.
Aircraft cable systems are becoming more complex and demanding as the aircraft is being more performing. High-temperature abilities along with low dielectric and ease of processing of solutions such as NEOFLON FEP allow for robust wires.

Improve passenger experience

Frequent rotations impose regular cleaning cycles of seats, carpets, screens tablets and sanitary. This maintenance is likely to be drastically reduced thanks to UNIDYNE repellent, acting as a repellent protective shield on fabrics vs. oil, water, and liquids. For hard surfaces, likely to be soiled by human fingerprint, OPTOOL series represent an advanced solution to maintain a clean surface aspect longer. OPTOOL lessens the adhesion of fingerprint sebum. They are less visible and easier to clean by swiping compared to benchmarks. Resistant to abrasion and maintaining the substrate transparency level OPTOOL can be widely used to protect touch panel displays, In-flight systems, or passenger windows.


  • High Temperature Release Film for Composite Manufacture

    High Temperature Release Film for Composite Manufacture

    To meet the need for greater productivity and ease-of- part release from the tooling DAIKIN offers both FEP (200°C) and ETFE (150°C) materials to meet high temperature demolding process.

  • Fuel Systems (-60°F and above)

    Fuel Systems (-60°F and above)

    FKM fluoroelastomer sealing materials are suitable for application requiring high temperature capabilities along with excellent chemical resistance for extended periods of time. 

  • Displays / Lenses

    Displays / Lenses

    DAIKIN’s OPTOOL surface coating provides a way to treat surfaces that are dirties or smudged by various substances thereby preventing them from being seen clearly or used effectively. Applications such as touch panel displays pr passenger windows benefit from the use of DAIKIN’s OPTOOL product offerings.



Fluoropolymers are widely used because of their unique non-adhesive and low friction properties as well as their superior heat, chemical and weather resistance and superior electrical properties.


DAI-EL fluoroelastomer products provide excellent high temperature and aggressive fluids resistance in sealing and fluid transport applications.

Fluoropolymer Films

Fluoropolymer films provide parts or production processes outstanding chemical resistance, transparency, weather resistance, heat resistance or more functions.

Anti-smudge Coatings

OPTOOL is an anti-smudge coating for specifically engineered-to-protect display, optical, and glass surfaces.

Water and Oil Repellents

UNIDYNE water and oil repellents impart excellent water and oil repellency as well as stain release.

Coating Resins

ZEFFLE Series are designed to meet building and constructions most strict outdoor specifications.