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Thermal management

Whether removal of dissipated heat in electronic systems, energy-efficient air conditioning or fast charging of Lithium-ion batteries, thermal management remains a key challenge to deploy emerging technologies such as 5G and e-mobility. DAIKIN, a world-leading company both in the air conditioning and materials industries, is in a unique position to contribute with thermal management solutions.


Nowadays, data center already account for some 1-2% of the world electricity consumption and 0.4% of CO2 emissions.  Therefore, it must be necessary to deploy energy-efficient edge computing and telecommunications infrastructures. It also requires more sophisticated thermal solutions at chip, device and infrastructure level. And in the automotive, broad adoption of BEVs will be dependent on breaking the current limitations on charging speed, battery life span and range. In all cases, advanced thermal management solutions in the e-powertrain and the cabin can contribute to overcome the challenge.



  • tc-pfa.png

    Thermal conductive PFA

    (under development)

    Thermally conductive fluoropolymer with low Dk suitable for high-frequency PCB substrates.

  • tc-pps.png

    Thermal conductive PPS

    (under development)

    Thermally conductive resin with excellent mechanical properties for heat exchangers and metal replacement applications.

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    Low GWP refrigerants

    Advanced range of low GWP HFC and HFC blends for the domestic, industrial and commercial segment, meeting the ongoing global regulation about HFC phase down.