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Water and Oil Repellents

UNIDYNE water and oil repellents impart excellent water and oil repellency as well as stain release during laundering, all while maintaining the original qualities of the treated substrate.


Features of UNIDYNE XF Series*

DAIKIN’s XF series is non fluorinated repellent finish for a wide array of substrates that is made from greater than 50% bio-based materials.

The product line was designed for repellency markets experiencing an increasing emphasis on sustainability.  

As with DAIKIN’s long-standing “TG series”, fluorochemical repellents series, XF series provides valuable-performance, washing machine durable water repellency without sacrificing fabric breathability or hand feel.  

Serving the global textiles industry for more than 50 years and with sustained high market share in the repellents market, DAIKIN has leveraged its experience and knowhow to now offer best-in-class non fluorinated repellents. 


*XF series: non fluorinated repellent chemical

Features of UNIDYNE TG Series*

When developing waterproof or anti-stain fabrics, producers had to compromise on the repellent performances to meet environmental regulations. Optimizing the resistance to water, oil or aggressive substance is a significant challenge also shared by nonwoven producers, carpet manufacturers or paper processors. However, the different end-uses mentioned and their process impose different side expectations:
- Textile producers, looking to maintain a soft touch of their materials durably are also willing to offer breathability properties
- Carpet manufacturers are eager to optimize their production process
- Nonwoven producers are focusing their effort on moisture resistance and alcohol repellency
- Paper processors requiring food contact are willing to ensure recyclability and low VOC emission amongst other

To meet these diverse expectations, DAIKIN has kept on developing for the past 50 years UNIDYNE, an unsurpassed range of fluorine-based repellents that are all PFOS-free and PFOA-free** C6-fluoropolymers. Also some grades of UNIDYNE TG series are based on a unique innovation associating fluorine and silicones.


*TG series: C6 fluorinated repellent chemical

**PFOA-free: less than detection limit (5ppb)

Benefits of UNIDYNE

This fluorochemical technology offers the best inherent properties of both types of repellents. Daikin Chemicals completed this range with Stain Release agents which are a combination of fluorine and hydrophilic functional groups. This Stain Release agent does not only impart water or oil repellency but also facilitate stains removal from fabrics when washed.
It makes of UNIDYNE, the industry brand leader for valuable-performance barrier agents that perform listed below, amongst other:

As a result, UNIDYNE users observe that:
- Textiles remain water and oil repellent on the long run while keeping their original soft hand and breathable finish
- Carpets soil and water resistance is achieved, having excellent compatibility with other additives and without foaming agent during the process
- Nonwoven benefit from extremely resistant barrier to water and chemicals such as alcohol
- Paper for food contact are easily recycled, and the process is facilitated thanks to a good additive compatibility
UNIDYNE is developed to meet most application process and is available for instance for low-temperature curing. Our experienced technical service throughout the world are available for help in providing solutions for any surface repellency design challenges.

Features of FTONE

FTONE is a water and oil repellent for stones.
It protects base material of porous stones from stain without damaging appearance by liquid permeating inside it.


UNIDYNE XF Series for Textiles
Providing durable water repellent finishes while maintaining the original soft hand of the fabric
UNIDYNE TG Series for Textiles / Stain Release
Providing durable, water and oil repellent, stain protection finishes while maintaining the original soft hand of the fabric
UNIDYNE for Nonwoven Substrates Providing barrier performance for surgical segments and automotive fabrics.
UNIDYNE for Carpets
Maximizing soil and stain protection while enhancing processing and performance at the mill
UNIDYNE for Papers & Packaging
Providing high performance of repellency for oil, grease, glue and water to a broad array of paper and board applications
FTONE Stone and Concrete Coatings Adding protection/anti-fouling capabilities without changing appearance to stone and concrete


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Anti-smudge Coatings

OPTOOL is an anti-smudge coating for specifically engineered-to-protect display, optical, and glass surfaces.

Conformal Coating

OPTOACE is a distinctive fluorochemical coating solution that has excellent moisture-proofing properties.