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The innovation in the textile and clothing industry has spread in the day to day usage and other applications, technology such as thermo-regulation, water repellency, durability and strength required in new extremes sports and weather. DAIKIN provides to the fabrics and textile industry 50 years unfailing expertise and solutions to keep on innovating and protecting.


Together with protecting a fabric surface from liquids, textile producers and designers are continuously seeking ways to maintain a soft feeling of the material treated. Conventional repellents used degrade not only the original touch of the textile but also reduce its breathability. Designers have to whether compromise on aspect, performance or durability of the repellent. UNIDYNE textile treatments provide for all types of fabrics:

- Durable water, oil and alcohol repellency
- Original soft hand
- Breathability

The specificity of DAIKIN UNIDYNE solution is the ability to offer a dual-action which repellency and stain release. UNIDYNE is suitable for a full range of leisure and industrial use:
- Jackets, trousers, gloves
- Private or professional footwear
- Outdoor applications like tents, umbrellas, furniture, boat covers, and sails
- Fabrics membrane (green waste, food waste, source separated organics)
- Industrial filtration
- Sewing thread, fibers


solutions for textile and fabrics

UNIDYNE textile treatments provide durable, stain protection finishes while maintaining the original soft hand and breathable finish of the fabric. UNIDYNE products are widely known for their superior stability and compatibility with many other bath auxiliaries.  

Jackets, trousers, gloves

Jackets, trousers, gloves

Outdoor applications

Outdoor applications


Water and Oil Repellents

UNIDYNE water and oil repellents impart excellent water and oil repellency as well as stain release.